Duplo International’s Success Story

I’m now approaching my 24th anniversary with Duplo International Ltd, having joined the business in June 1988. I’m rather proud to have been part of the team that has helped grow the business nearly ten-fold in that time.

The success of the business is due to the marriage of cutting edge product innovation & manufacturing, combined with first class sales & distribution. Duplo Corporation in Japan maintains a high level of innovation, producing products that meet the changing demands of our customers, those organisations producing printed products for their customers. Innovation is based on their possession of long and established work in this specialised field. Duplo have been tremendously successful in developing products that meet the needs of the ever changing digital print market. http://www.duplonet.co.jp/eng/welcome/

Over the past 25 years, Duplo International Ltd has developed an extensive distribution network, starting from its base in the UK, and then developing via distributors across the old European Common Market during the 1980’s, followed in the 1990’s by developing new relationships with the Eastern European countries after the fall of the Berlin Wall and exploring opportunities arising in Africa & the Middle East. We now have a network of distributors stretching across 70 countries. Looking back, the world seems a much smaller place than it was in the 1980’s!

People are a big part of our success and we have always been careful to recruit talented multi-lingual people from across all our territories. This ensures we have the best understanding of local markets and the needs of our customers. By investing in people with a broad range of talents in sales, marketing & engineering, we ensure the best possible support for our products and customers.

Financial stability & strength are an important element in a successful business. By re-investing in the business we have ensured we have the financial stability to carry stocks of product, available for immediate delivery to the network of distributors across our region. Financial stability also enables us to keep pushing into new markets, both in geographical terms and in the range of products we stock & distribute.

For any business, it is important to keep exploring the opportunities for growth. I believe we provide our customers with this same opportunity by supplying them with innovative products, allowing them to provide new services to their client base. Allied to our after sales service, investment in a Duplo machine is an investment for the future growth of a business.

Many years ago there was popular business adage ‘no one ever got fired for buying IBM’ such was the reputation of IBM for quality, innovation and support. Even today, in these difficult economic times, IBM continues to outperform the rest of the IT sector due.
Duplo aspires to the same reputation in the print industry. In troubled economic times, investing in a Duplo product is a great way for our customers to gain a competitive advantage.

Glyn Nutting
Financial Director