Am I a Twit?

This was my conundrum – am I being a Twit to enter the world of twitter, or am I a Twit to avoid the whole area of social media?

Would it be another drain on my time, as I grapple with all the new contacts and scratch my head to create catchy messages, or will it open up a whole new valuable resource?

Being somewhat old school, I was also concerned about security – could someone steal my identity and what about legal issues? Would I fall foul of the law inadvertently?

In the end I decided if it was good enough for the BBC and far more eminent people to use, it must be something to at least try for myself.

A colleague showed me how to find the Twitter site and l logged in my details. Next I had to find five other Twitter accounts to start me off. It was as easy as that. Now I have to start the creative part and this article is my first step to try and help others who might have felt as I did. So if you would like to share your thoughts and business experiences with me we can set forth and begin our journey together.

From a new Twitter recruit.

Kind regards,

Nina Laverock

Marketing Communications Manager


With Drupa 2012, the Print ‘Olympic ‘event coming up in a few months I thought it would be a good idea to analyse the  role of ‘Events’ within the print industry in this multi-media world of today.

First I would like to clarify what I mean by ‘Events’. Effectively I am thinking about exhibitions like IPEX and Drupa plus manufacturer led events including open houses in showrooms and focussed events in outside venues.

Events /Exhibitions have changed dramatically since I first started to tread the floors in the NEC and Dusseldorf Messe. Customers can now access information on products and services very easily via the web. No longer do they visit exhibitions on a ‘fact finding’ tour picking up hundreds of brochures.

Typically customers know what type of product or service they want and they have narrowed their choice down to 2 or 3 options and are coming for final verification. Or they have seen something interesting, say a new technology, in the printing press and come along to see it for themselves.

So exhibitions have changed. Basically people who are either in the buying cycle or are looking what is coming to plan their future strategy come to events. Let’s be honest everyone is too busy just to pop along anymore just because.

At Duplo we focus on one thing when we plan events. Making sure that our potential customers know what we are showing and talking about. Our customers can then make an informed decision if they need to attend. This is why for our latest open house (titled ‘The Event’ by chance) like our London Calling annual event we use extensive PR, prominent outside back page advertising, direct mail, email blasts and most importantly sale managers visits to inform our customers what we are doing.

So are Events important? In a word YES! I still have not yet met a printer who has bought a piece of hardware who has not wanted to see it first, test it, run jobs on it and most importantly meet the organisation who will service the machine afterwards. I think I have a few mores miles to tread in exhibition halls.

Tony Lock

Managing Director Duplo UK


Duplo International has moved its International headquarters into a purpose built 10,000m2 facility known as ‘Automated Precision House’ situated in Addlestone, Surrey.

Automated Precision House, has been designed from the outset to comply with the latest standards of sustainability for the environment. Solar panels, rain water recycling, air and sun scoops are just a few of the features that have been incorporated into the building in line with Duplo’s corporate and social responsibility strategy.

Robin Greenhalgh, Duplo’s Chairman said “The new facility more closely reflects our Company’s brand image of sustainable high technology and ‘Automated Precision’. This is an exciting milestone in the history of Duplo International, as we can provide a centre of excellence for our customers as well as our staff, now all under one roof.” He continues “The new premises coupled with new products that we are launching in the next few months will be the platform to take Duplo to the next level. This is a great start to 2012, not only do we have new premises, but also a large stand at Drupa.”

The state of the art building boasts an impressive 85% reduction in carbon footprint and 65% reduction in running costs. They are able to do this by utilising equipment such as Air Source Heat Pumps which harvest warmth from the air which is then in turn used for the under floor heating. They are regarded as sustainable technology as they don’t use any fuel.

Jane Doyle, Head of HR at Duplo International commented “I have been involved with this project from the start and it was very important to us, and our mission to become carbon neutral, to reuse as many existing materials as possible. We’re even reusing some of the elements from our IPEX 2010 stand in our showroom”.

“Our mission is to become carbon neutral by 2013”. Doyle concludes.

As part of the celebrations, Duplo demonstrated the latest digital and offset print finishing equipments, which includes the launch of two new products. It was  hosted in the new 400m2 state of the art showroom.

Tokio Sakamoto, President of Duplo Corporation,  officially inaugurated APH on the 14th February by unveiling a commemorative plaque.


Samantha Mee

International Marketing Communications Manager


Duplo International is the world leader in print finishing. It has over 40 years of experience in bookletmaking and print finishing related products. Automated precision, innovation and superior quality are at the heart of all Duplo products. In the past Duplo International was quite traditional in its approach towards communication. We mainly used three mediums to distribute our content:

1)      Email

2)      Marketing Resource Centre

3)      Website

Our content comprised of product brochures, videos, case studies, product packs, product bulletins and press releases to mention a few. We were using a passive approach that is asking our customers to come to us if they need any information about our products. It was a one way communication but in some cases feedback was possible from the receiver of our content. We agree that we never had a marketing budget of certain blue chip companies but still we were successful in positioning our brand to be the most trusted brand in the print finishing industry.

Social media was once the exclusive roaming ground of teenagers, but not anymore. As Twitter and LinkedIn have taken off with astounding success in the business arena. We at Duplo International have revised our communication strategy to exploit these new tools. Now, we will be actively using 7 channels to distribute our content:

4)      Twitter

5)      LinkedIn

6)      YouTube

7)      Blogs

These channels will help us to distribute the content to the place where our target audience is. It will also open up new avenues for us such as brand awareness, lead generation and customer service and engagement to mention a few. In today’s context the role of International Product Marketing Director has changed, no longer is it about being responsible in the development of new products and markets but now also to fill the sales pipeline. Social media will truly change the way we are communicating with our customers and prospects.  We are totally convinced that developing a social media presence will open up a whole new set of tools for driving your customers to turn their print into more than just a paper.

We are taking this step to build our future and we invite all of you to join us. Let’s make a better and stronger community.

Kind regards,

Bruno Picquet

International Marketing Director


A warm welcome to Duplo International’s blog.

We, as a major supplier of print finishing equipment, keep on reminding the users of the equipment we supply that in order to survive in the current economic climate they have to become communications service providers rather than just print providers and that requires, among other things, a new, modern approach to communication with their customers. Now, it seems, we do what we have been preaching and adopt the latest methods as well as technology to reach out and tell our story.

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